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Meet The Doctors

Dr. Jodi Kinney, DC


Dr. Jodi Kinney was drawn to the profession of Chiropractic having been a Chiropractic patient since she was 7 years old. She suffered chronic strep throat and allergies throughout her childhood and was on allergy medications and frequent rounds of antibiotics. Her mom, who was also a Chiropractic patient, spoke to her Chiropractor about her daughter’s frequent illnesses. The Chiropractor discussed Chiropractic care to boost the immune system and naturally help young Dr. Kinney improve her overall health. She started getting adjusted in 1978 and her overall health improved dramatically. She was off all medication and almost never had to use antibiotics again. It was a game-changer.


Dr. Janet, DC


Dr. Janet Manzoni joined our team in March of 2020 and has over 30 years experience as a Doctor of Chiropractic.  Dr. Janet attended Stony Brook University and New York Chiropractic College after taking a 5 year break from school as a History major.  She started a private family and pediatric practice in Marlboro, NJ in 1988 where she still practices, along with our office part time.  Dr. Janet's focus on holistic health, nutrition and fitness has brought so much more education and enthusiasm for optimal health in our office and with our patients.


Dr. Rona Thau, BS2 DC


Dr. Rona Thau DC is a gentle, holistic chiropractor.  She has been in practice nearly 3 decades and was introduced to the field quite literally by accident.  
Prior to attending chiropractic college, Dr. Rona attended Emerson college in Boston.  She studied Theatre, Comedy, English and Communications.  A few years later, life changed when she was struck by a car in a crosswalk. 
This life altering accident propelled her directly to the chiropractic profession as both patient, then student and doctor.  Rona has had a life long interest in natural health and healing, movement and sharing her teachings via direct experience.

Meet The Doctors: Our Team
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