We value our patients' experience at Intrinsic Chirorpactic Center. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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    When I started care at Intrinsic Chiropractic Center I was having sinus headaches. I was having them everyday, and I was suffering with veritgo. I was also having a lot of trouble sleeping. I have been under care for a few months now, and my sinus headaches are almost gone. I cannot remember when I had my last vertigo attack. The main thing that really makes a difference is I've been sleeping good at night. I will continue to benefit from chiropractic by it helping me "
    Mike N.

    I came in to see Dr. Jodi about a year ago because I was having severe low back pain, and neck pain. I was unable to turn my head and move my back. My two sons were also involved in an overturned motor vehicle accident. They were both stiff and sore. My older son was having headaches from the accident as well. Since our family has been under care I have been able to function without headaches and backaches constantly. The boys are also moving more freel"
    The Friedmans

    I started coming to Intrinsic Chiropractic in October 2009. I attended health seminar for seniors where the subject included a talk about arthritis. I realized that my lower back arthritis was limiting my daily activities. My wife and I like to travel and sight-see which requires walking. I have noticed that with chiropractic care, we are healthy and can continue to make our trips. Even when I overdue it or if I am out of alignment, chiropractic can fix t"
    Andy H.

    I had severe pain going down both legs. I began care several months ago and the pain is getting less and less with every adjustment. I will continue care for the rest of my life because I have no pain! The best thing about chiropractic is that it sure helps me with my pains. The office is very clean and neat. Everyone is very friendly, helpful and thoughtful!! Thank you"
    Arleen C.

    I started coming to see Dr. Jodi in 2005. When I first started I had very bad low back pain and knee pain. Eventually my knees hurt so badly that I could hardly walk. I also had severe neck pain. After a year of care my neck, back, and knees are much better. I can walk normally now instead of shuffling. I see myself having a much better more comfortable life because of Chiropractic Care. The greatest thing about chiropractic care is that it helped me!! The office is a ver"
    Tom T.-91 years old

    I started coming to Dr. Jodi 5 years ago. I came into the office with lower back discomfort, tension in the shoulders, neck pain and reoccurring hip bursitis. I was unable to be fully active and enjoy certain things in my life without restrictions. Since being under chiropractic care I have noticed decrease occurrences with back, neck and hip discomfort.I have noticed less illness in general, and if I do get ill, the duration is very short. I intend to continue with chiro"
    Deb Migneco-Personal Trainer

    I've been a patient of Dr.Jodi's since 2005. I started chiropractic care because I was experiencing severe neck and low back pain. I was also very dizzy and wobbly with my balance. Over time the lower back and neck improved significantly. The dizziness is gone and my balance is better. After every adjustment I feel great! chiropractic is part of my life and I will definantly keep coming. Chiropractic works better than all the medicine I have used to relieve pain. T"
    June Stiers-91
  • "I CAN WALK!!

    I have been a patient at Intrinsic Chiropractic Center for 5 months. I had been suffering with lower back pain and sciatica for years. It was bringing tears to my eyes the pain was so intense. Since I have been getting chiropractic adjustments I CAN WALK AGAIN!!!! My back occasionally lets me know it's there, but nothing like before. With the train wreck that is my back, I will be coming to keep myself strong and healthy for my lifetime. The friendliness of the staff is one of t"
    Jim M.- Postal Worker

    After the birth of my daughter I was suffering from post-partum depression which drastically affected my sleeping. I had insomnia that lasted for five months along with lower back and neck pain. I have been under Dr. Jodi's care for three years and it has literally changed my life. I can fall asleep much faster and very easily now. I have very little pain in my back and neck. I have also noticed that I have so much more energy. Getting adjusted also helped me thro"
    Lisa B.-Hair Stylist

    I had neck pain and headaches when I began care at Intrinsic Chiropractic Center. The pain was so bad I laid in bed a lot! I have been under care for 6 weeks and my headaches and neck pain have disappeared. I no longer have to take Advil every day. My husband has even noted changes in my mood. I have become a happier person who wants to get out of bed and move!! Chiropractic has changed my life, I wake up every morning feeling good, it makes me feel healthier. I have als"
    Annette N.
  • "No More Back Pain!!

    When I started under care, I had lower back pain and migraines. I have been under care for 6 years and all my lower back pain is gone. The migraines are less frequent and less severe. I see myself benefiting from chiropractic for the rest of my life by staying healthy and being headache free! One of things I like best about Intrinsic Chiropractic is the friendly sweet staff. When I leave I always feel so much better."
    Kathy F.

    I have been a patient of Dr.Jodi's since July of 2008. At that time I was suffering with severe low back pain and sciatic pain that radiated down my right leg. After a year of care the low back pain and sciatic pain is better. I also notice over the past year of care that I don't get sick like I use to. Whenever I would get sick I would be sick for a long time and would feel terrible. With chiropractic care, not only do I get sick less often, but if I do get sick it is"
    Fred F.
  • "Purification Program Testimonials

    I just want to tell you that this cleanse is the BEST!!!!!I have got so much energy and I feel good and I don't want Chocolate!!!! Tom is withdrawing from caffeine and he has headaches, but he is having one cup in the morning. Thank you all. we love you Dr. Jodi."