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    Happy New Year!!  How can you make 2013 better than last year? Its another new year! Some of us will look back on 2012 Read more
  • Juicing Your Way into 2014
    We will be having a juicing workshop on January 22, 2014! Our nutrition and holistic health coach, Lauren, will be discussing all of the health benefits of juicing. She will be teaching Read more
  • Chiropractic and Sinuses
    Thought of the Week I've been talking to you all along about how chiropractic not only relieves pain and aches, but helps restore normal function back into the human body. This Read more
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  • Acid - Alkaline Balance | Acid Alkaline Imbalance
    Acid/Alkaline balance is vital for keeping your body healthy. In our daily life we don't put enough attention to it. What is acid/alkaline balance? Acid/alkaline balance is Read more